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German for international healthcare/medical professionals

Highly-qualified, non-German medical professionals are increasingly in demand in Germany. A number of institutes are already making use of the opportunity to compensate for their lack of personnel by attracting professionals from non-German-speaking countries. Here, one aspect is of immense importance: International medical and healthcare professionals must not only be educated in the language needed to speak with German patients but also the cultural aspects of communication.


Intercultural nuances

With this in mind, inlingua Osnabrück has devised a number of language training courses for non-German medical professionals. Those attending these courses not only benefit from the lasting learning goals that are provided through inlingua’s customarily high levels of language training via its expert, native-speaking trainers but also, and equally importantly, the intercultural nuances and correct approach to dealing with patients and staff at German institutes.

Comprehensive and funded

We offer a variety of BAMF-funded courses: German for medical professionals, German for dentists, and German for chemists. Every course comprises between 400 and 600 lessons and ends with a final examination in the respective field. In addition to focusing on the respective field itself, each course covers German grammar, vocabulary and verbal communication. The length of course participation depends on your proficiency level at the time of enrolment. Get in touch to find out more.

Requirements & key elements

These courses are designed for non-German doctors who are looking to work in Germany and therefore require a corresponding licence to practice (Approbation). To qualify, you will need to present an entitlement to participate (Berechtigung) from the employment agency as well as a certificate showing that you have attained B2 level German (in compliance with the Common European Framework and issued within the last 6 months).


Course types:

Group courses: available subject to the following conditions (a minimum number of participants is required with the same proficiency level and means of scheduling. Get in touch with us for more details!)


Course overview

Below you will find our currently available courses.